Posted by: Wez | March 31, 2011

A room I like…

Walking till the end of my house, I get to a magic place…It ´s the room where I have spent most of my time in the last 3 months… It´s a place that invites me to rest and to chill out by talking with my friends from overseas or from other cities of the country, but it also allows me to have a nice atmosphere to be working on my thesis or my school assignments. When you come in you can immediately smell the nice fragrance of a candle. Moreover while working, chatting or just relaxing, most of the times I am listening to music playing in the background.

On the walls there are some paintings and posters with images of animals. I have a bookcase with some books of marine mammals, statistics, some novels and some other topics. There is another case which creates the illusion of a marine environment: it contains whales and dolphins figures and some candles, all of that arranged kind of in a symmetric way.

An important piece of this particular room is the bed! It´s big and comfortable, so I get really good rest there! On it I have some stuffed animals like a few whales, dolphins, dogs, a turtle, a jaguar, a white tiger, a manatee, a hippo, a bat and a platypus. They are so fluffy that invite me to lie down among them!

One of the reasons I like this room a lot, is because I feel a strong sense of belonging when I´m in it. During the last 2 years, I have lived in at least 10 different places, so it´s really nice to know I have a “permanent” place where I can always come back to and where I can have and store my important stuff.

I DO enjoy being in my bedroom.

Posted by: Wez | March 25, 2011

Writing multiple drafts: a need

At the beginning I was not quite happy with the fact of having to write so multiple drafts for a text, because obviously it is really time consuming. But, through the process I have found that the more drafts you write, the better the final text. Furthermore I think that this is also a matter or “practicing”. I believe that “Practice makes the master”. So even though at the beginning it will take so much time to write, after a while since we will have already experience it will be much easier.

Feedback is really important in this process. If we can get other people reading our drafts and making suggestions that would definitely helps us to improve the quality of our texts.  I think it´s also really important that after we write something, we put it away for 2-3 days, and then read it again. This way we can clearer see any mistake we had made, and also we can have another perspective from the first time we wrote it.

So let´s get into the process of drafting, and take the best out of it!

Posted by: Wez | February 26, 2011

Hello mates!

This is my first time blogging.

I am really happy of having the opportunity to take this course with you.   I hope all of us help each other to make blogging a unique and unforgettable experience.

I am looking forward to learning and sharing experiences with you.  Let´s have fun!

Posted by: Wez | February 26, 2011

Setting the rules for blogging

– Be respectful when commenting and posting, and show respect for others comments.

– Try to be concise on the comments, so all of us can get to read (and comment) as much posts as possible with a strong feed back.

– I would like to ask you to correct me if you see any grammar  mistakes on my posts. Maybe just put the correction with this symbol (**) before it.

(I won´t mind at all if you correct me many times. And if you allow me, I will be happy to do the same on your posts.)

– Be committed to read and comment at least “X” number of your classmates blogs per week.